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Things To Consider When You Are Ready To Start A Bed And Breakfast

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People love to stay at a bed and breakfast when they are looking to get away for a romantic weekend or are staying somewhere for a few nights and are trying to avoid that commercial feel of a hotel. What you offer at your bed and breakfast can vary, but there are some things you should consider when you are starting your business.

Inviting Common Areas

When people come into your bed and breakfast, you want them to feel comfortable, so creating an inviting environment for them is important. The common areas of the inn should have places for people to relax and maybe sit and talk with other guests that are there. 

Coffee and snacks in the common area can be nice, and if your building has a nice fireplace, you may want to have a fire burning in the cooler months of the year. In the summertime, you can still decorate around the fireplace but maybe not have a fire going. The more seating you have, the more comfortable it will be to sit and relax, and if your rooms do not have a sitting area, this can be an excellent space for your guests.

Television Room

If you have the space for a tv room in the bed and breakfast, it is a good idea to have one small tv that people can get the morning news or other information from, but most bed and breakfasts are not going to attract people that want to sit and watch television all day. Often the guests you will have are tourists to your area that will be out exploring the area or people that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

If you have a television, try to keep it in a small room away from the main areas of the inn so that people can watch the morning news but do not have to be exposed to it if they do not want to be. 

Dining Area

Most bed and breakfasts offer a meal, typically a breakfast meal on the premises, and making sure that you have enough seating in the dining room for all of your guests so people do not have to wait is essential. It is also a good idea to hold breakfast over a four-hour window so people have time to get up and have breakfast if they are late risers. 

It is important to let people know what time breakfast is when they check-in as well. You can also post information like that in the common areas so that people will see if as they wander around the inn. 

Reach out to other people who own bed and breakfast inns for more ideas.