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Say What You Want, With Display Banners

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Whether you are trying to call attention to a featured product in your storefront, trying to gather attention for your booth at a trade show, or wanting to put focus on your business space in a strip mall, you can do these things with the use of the right display banner. Learn about some of the features and options display banners offer and how they can help you.

Display banners serve many needs

Whether you want a countertop display banner to call attention to a specific product or you want a large stand-alone display banner that brings foot traffic into your storefront, you will find a display banner that meets your needs. They come small enough to easily fit on a countertop and large enough to point people into your business who may otherwise continue past it.

Display banners can stand still or offer various movements

Display banners can come on spinning stands. The spinning stands not only capture the attention of the eye due to their movement, but they can also display different messages which means you are getting as much advertising as possible out of one piece.

Display banners can also come on stationary stands. These stands allow one or two messages to be displayed, depending on whether you choose to duplicate the same message on each side or go with two different messages. Either way, the banner will stand still so those passing by will be able to take everything in.

Display banners can flap in the wind. If you are looking for a banner to put outside, then having one that moves with the wind can be a good choice. When people see something moving, they tend to turn their attention toward it and pay attention to what it says.

Display banners can have special effects

Display banners can come in the form of tower banners. The tower banners are shaped like tall boxes. This gives you the opportunity to display as many as four messages on the banner towers. Also, if it suits your needs, you can have lights inside of the display towers that cause the banners to light up. This can be extremely smart for outdoor tower banners that are going to be setting out after the sun has gone down.

With so many ways in which you can use display banners, you may want to consider using more than one type. You can use them outside of your business, at your next trade show, and in multiple ways in multiple areas of your storefront.