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Veteran Funeral: 3 Gift Ideas

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Those who serve in the Armed Forces make unbelievable sacrifices for the good of the country. So, if you are going to be attending the funeral of a veteran, you should keep in mind the bravery that the deceased individual had when you are selecting a gift for the deceased's surviving family members. In addition to offering funeral-related services, many funeral homes will have patriotic gifts available for you to purchase. Here are three of the most popular gift items for veteran funerals.

Flag Display Cases

When a veteran is buried, military funeral honors are performed by at least two members of the Armed Forces. This honors ceremony includes the folding and presentation of the American flag in addition to the "Taps" performance. The folded flag is presented to the deceased's family during the burial service, which makes a flag display case an incredibly meaningful—and useful—gift. This container, which has a glass front, can be used to showcase the flag for many years.

Shadow Box for Honorary Pins

If the deceased veteran received numerous awards during his or her time in the Armed Forces, then he or she likely received pins made of ribbons, metal, and other types of materials. These pins are not only beautiful, but they are valuable and often inscribed. To ensure that the deceased's family members are able to look at these symbols of perseverance and valor for years to come without having to dig them out of a box, consider purchasing a shadow box that these honorary pins can be displayed in and hung on a wall or set on a shelf.

Patriotic Throw Blanket

It is always wonderful to remember a person through symbols of dignity and patriotism, but there are times when all you want to do is able to give them one last hug. While this is not a gift that you can give (no matter how much you may want to), there is a gift that you can give that evokes similar feelings of familiarity and warmth. You can purchase a patriotic throw blanket that is filled with patriotic images, comforting sayings, etc. that the deceased's family can use anytime at home, when traveling, etc. You may even be able to have the blanket customized with favorite pictures of the deceased veteran, though a personalized blanket like this will be more expensive.

When you are in need of a veteran gift or need to plan a veteran funeral, reach out to a local funeral home like Aspen Mortuaries for more information.