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Taking Care Of Your Air Compressor To Avoid Unnecessary Downtime

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If you just rented or purchased an air compressor to use in your garage, you will want to ensure it works up to par at all times. Doing simple maintenance will keep an air compressor in good-working order. Here are some steps you can take in maintaining an air compressor on your own.

Remove Loose Debris From The Unit

Wipe down the exterior of the unit each day to remove loose debris from its exterior. This will help in keeping it from getting inside of the machine where the mechanisms needed to make it run are located. Unplug the unit and use a piece of soft microfiber cloth to wipe down each component. This can be dampened slightly to remove any dirt that does not come off of the unit easily. Make sure the unit is completely dry before plugging it back in for use.

Deal With Air Leakage Right Away

If your machine is not giving you a high enough air flow, there may be a leak within the machine that needs to be dealt with. It is best to call a professional air compressor repair service to tend to this type of problem. They will be able to track down the location of the air flow loss and fill it with an appropriate agent to ensure the machine works as it should without any additional damage. If a leak is ignored, there is a chance the problem will intensify rather quickly.

Swap Out The Air Filter When Necessary

If your air compressor becomes dirty, air flow is likely to become blocked or less intensive. Removal of dirt from inside of the unit will keep the air flow moving. Check the air filter inside of the unit each month to ensure it is not filled with grime. If the filter appears grayish in color, remove it and replace it with a new one. A soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment can also be used to remove loose debris if you do not have a new filter on hand. This is a temporary fix which should not replace the need in swapping the filter altogether. 

Make Sure The Belt Is Not Loose Or Tight

The belt inside of your air compressor will need to remain in a movable condition without sagging or stretching. Remove the panel covering the air compressor's mechanisms and do a spot check of the belt each week or two to ensure it is not in need of assistance. A wrench can be used to alter the tightness of the belt within the machine if necessary. If you notice any rips in the belt, a new one should be positioned in its place.

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