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The Top 3 Advantages Of Using Custom Picture Framing For Any Photograph Or Piece Of Art

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Displaying your photographs or artwork is an effortless way to remember treasured moments that have been captured in time. However, without the right picture frames and matting materials, your precious items could be damaged in the long run. For that reason, custom picture framing is a good method for safeguarding your photographs and presenting your artwork. While stock picture frames right off the shelf might seem like the easiest solution, pre-made frames do not always provide the best protection for your cherished memorabilia. Continue reading to learn about 3 advantages of investing in custom picture framing to maintain your keepsakes.

1) Custom picture framing makes it easy to protect photos or art of all sizes and shapes.

Searching for a picture frame that doesn't have adequate space can be frustrating, especially when you must cut off or fold over an edge of a photograph to force it into a frame. Fortunately, custom picture framing allows you to specify the exact size of frame that works best for the photograph. Since the frame is built on demand, your photographs will remain intact regardless of their dimensions. Furthermore, artwork isn't generally confined to a specific shape, so it's important to find a framing solution that can accommodate a variety of sizes. For example, it may be difficult to find a pre-fabricated frame with enough room to comfortably fit an oblong canvas painting. A custom picture framer can help make sure even the most irregularly shaped artwork is fully protected by creating a frame that perfectly matches that particular piece. 

2) An experienced custom picture framer will use the right techniques and tools to avoid any damage.

Custom picture frames are often used to protect delicate art pieces or photographs that are prone to damage if they are mishandled. As a result, custom picture framing is a special skill that requires experience and a proper set of tools. For instance, exposure to light will eventually cause a photograph to turn yellow or fade over time, and custom picture framers are familiar with the types of glass that will prevent that problem. Additionally, custom picture framing utilizes acid-free matting and adhesives so that the paper won't break down and the image will not be destroyed. Knowledgeable framers also wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints or dust behind. This attention to detail can give you peace of mind that your finished frame will be constructed with the best materials and workmanship for your photographs and art.

3) Custom picture framing allows for more creativity and personalization.

Another benefit of custom picture framing is the freedom to choose from a range of unique styles and designs. While a standard picture frame might be a simple plastic rectangle, custom picture framing allows you to get creative with the visual appeal of the piece. To augment the special qualities of your photograph or artwork, you can tailor every aspect of the picture frame, from the wood type and texture to the color and shape. You can also enhance the effects of your art or photograph by adding corresponding images, elements, or engraved messages to the frame itself. Custom picture framing is a great way to add a level of personalization that simply isn't possible with a basic frame.

If you need a masterful way to protect and exhibit your memorabilia, custom picture framing can check all of the boxes. Work with a custom picture framing service to create an amazing display for your photographs and art.