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Advice When Purchasing Boxes From A Wholesale Packaging Supplier

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If you need a bunch of boxes for product shipping, one of the best parties you can work with is a wholesale packaging supplier. They'll have plenty of box options and can supply you with a large quantity quickly. Just make sure you use these insights when purchasing this type of supplies for product shipping purposes. 

Explain to Supplier What You're Shipping

Since wholesale packaging suppliers probably will have many different box types for you to consider, it's just best to tell them what you're planning to ship from the beginning. Then they can help you narrow in on a couple of choices and thus make this investment easier to carry out for product shipping.

They'll assess your product's weight and size dimensions to recommend boxes that have the right properties, including box designs and materials. That saves you from having to guess and potentially go through multiple box types to find the right shipping solution.

Include the Right Product Information

In addition to choosing the right shipping boxes from a wholesale packaging supplier, you'll also need to include the right product information on these boxes themselves. Then shippers and recipients will be able to handle the boxes correctly as to not damage the products inside.

For instance, if you're shipping out really fragile items, your boxes need to have a fragile warning on the side and top. Or maybe you're shipping hazardous materials. In that case, a special warning needs to be put on your shipping boxes. Your wholesaler packaging supplier can customize this product information accordingly.

Make Sure Boxes go Through Protected Shipping 

You'll use boxes to ship company products, but you'll also want to make sure these boxes are placed in protected shipping resources themselves. Then your order with a wholesale packaging supplier will remain damage-free and thus give you optimal boxes to use with products moving forward. 

You just need to see what type of shipping protocols and materials one of these suppliers uses on a consistent basis. Then you'll know what your box order will be subject to as it travels from the supplier's facility to your own.

If you're hoping to protect products when shipping them to various locations, you can order boxes from a wholesale packaging supplier. Their box options are pretty limitless. Just make sure you go over the right things before placing an order, so that you know you'll be a happy box consumer. 

For more information, contact a wholesale packaging supplier near you.