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Three Reasons To Ditch Surgical Masks In Favor Of Washable Masks

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2020 has had more than its fair share of twists and turns, but one of the most surprising changes is that almost everyone has had to purchase and wear some kind of mask when out in public. Whether you are required to wear one by your local government or you just want to keep yourself and those around you as safe as possible, you want to choose an effective and practical mask. Although some people do use surgical masks that are designed for medical use, many other people are choosing to use washable personal protection masks instead. Here are three reasons to trade surgical masks for washable masks.

Better For The Environment

Surgical masks are made for use in sterile medical environments that can't be recreated in the outside world. During surgery, medical professionals have to minimize every risk of causing an infection in deep incisions or wounds, so they use fresh, sterile masks for every patient. For this reason, surgical masks are made to be disposable, and many people treat them that way outside of the operating room. Surgical masks are being used and discarded by countless laypeople on a daily basis, and they contribute to a significant increase in litter and waste. Instead of using many single-use masks, consider switching to a washable mask. You don't need to have a sterile mask like a surgeon does, and washing your mask frequently is a valid substitution for using a new sterile mask every day.

Part Of Any Wardrobe

While surgical masks are becoming part of the fashion of 2020, they can't compete with the fashion options created with washable cloth masks. Wearing a mask makes many people feel that they have lost part of their self-expression by blocking their smile or stifling their voice, but wearing a mask is often a requirement rather than an option. You can gain back part of your self-expression by choosing a mask that reflects your personal style. Many fabric masks are made with beautiful colored or patterned fabric. You can buy multiple masks that go with different outfits, too, giving you more masks to wear if you want to wear a fresh mask each day of the week. Unlike disposable masks, washable masks can become long-term accessories in your wardrobe.

Not Needed By Healthcare Workers

One of the most difficult aspects of the pandemic is the supply shortages caused by supply line disruptions and consumer use of medical supplies. While wearing a surgical mask is better than not wearing a mask at all, every surgical mask that is worn by a layperson is a mask that a medical worker has had to go without. Healthcare workers face much more danger than most people, so they need access to sterile, disposable masks. If many people choose to wear a washable mask instead of using surgical masks, they can free up medical supplies so healthcare workers can get everything they need to stay safe on the job.

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