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How Electronic Shelf Labels Can Help Your Retail Business

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If your business hasn't taken advantage of modern digital price tags, or electronic shelf labels, then you may want to consider them. Electronic shelf labels offer both your business and the consumer a number of benefits. Not to mention that they look cool. Here are some of the ways that electronic shelf labels help your business and please your customers.

Faster, Easier Price Changes

Conventional labels must be individually removed and replaced each time you change a product's price. This means employees have to go out and physically change those tags. This ties up workers who could be performing other duties. Electronic shelf labels are connected to a network, so you can change the price almost instantly.

More Accurate Pricing

Traditional tags often get lost or even slide around on the shelf. This can cause confusion with shoppers when the tag is not under the right product. Electronic tags tend to stay put. Also, they are easily synchronized with your online prices for more consistency. This can build more trust with customers.

Better Information About Inventory

Electronic shelf labels can keep track of temperatures and inventory. You will know when your refrigeration system is malfunctioning, so food products are less likely to spoil. Also, you will know when you are getting low on certain products so that you can keep your shelves stocked. Electronic shelf tags can also track buying habits so that you know which products are more likely to sell out sooner.

Prominent Information

Electronic shelf labels are often brighter and easier to read. Plus, some types display pertinent information about the product. For example, your label can list the product's country of origin or completed product dimensions. You can even use digital price tags that compare your price to other stores. With electronic shelf labels, you can incorporate a QR code to give the customer more information or to allow them to order out of stock items.

Easier Sales Promotion

No need to place a special promotional sign or tag on your shelf. You can change your electronic shelf label to boldly display your sales promotion, instead. Many digital price tags offer red banners or lettering to make your sales more noticeable. You can also add information about different versions of the product and their prices on one label.

Electronic shelf labels are used all over the world because they streamline the stocking process. These labels come in all sizes and shapes, so there's less concern about unnecessarily bulky displays. They can be used in any type of retail establishment. For more information about these useful tags, contact a digital price tag company.