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Are You Required To Do A Drug Evaluation? 4 Tips For Handling The Possibility Of Needing Substance Abuse Treatment

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There are many times in life when you may be required to meet with a professional to find out if you have issues with substance abuse. Drug evaluations are often required by courts after someone gets a DUI. You might also be asked to undergo an assessment for child custody purposes or to try to keep your job if you were suspected of using substances in the workplace. Although no one likes to have their behavior come under a microscope, it is best to take these requirements seriously. As you work through the steps that are necessary to comply with the requirement, you can use these tips to emerge from the process with a better understanding of where you stand regarding the need for treatment.

Choose the Right Place for an Evaluation

When an evaluation is required, you may need to make sure that you go through an approved assessment center. For instance, a court may provide a list of approved evaluation centers that you will want to follow to make sure that your assessment is considered to meet their requirement. In addition to complying with the court or a different entity, going to an approved center makes it easier to trust the results.

Be Honest During the Evaluation

In most cases, drug evaluations are not requested for punitive reasons. Instead, there is some form of authority that is trying to make sure that you are healthy and able to stay out of trouble with the law. Although it can be scary to open up about your problems when you are already feeling the pressure of being in potential trouble, this is an important time to be honest. The things that you say during your drug evaluation are confidential. If you do need treatment, then the other parties involved will only receive that result. They will not know how extensive your history with drugs or alcohol is from the information that they receive.

Carefully Consider the Results

Hearing that you need treatment might not be the results that you were hoping for, but this could represent a new start in life. Substance abuse treatment may involve inpatient or outpatient care. You might also only need to attend group counseling sessions that help you work through your addiction without having to make any major changes in your daily routine. If your results come back that you need to seek treatment, then there is likely a good reason. Make plans to follow through with the recommendations, and take each counseling session seriously. Doing so can help you get back on your feet and regain a good reputation within your community.