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Keeping Pests Out Of Your Hummingbird Feeder

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Hummingbirds can be extremely beautiful animals, and it is no surprise that most homeowners will enjoy having these birds on their property. To encourage the presence of hummingbirds, many homeowners will place bird feeders around their property to provide these birds with a convenient source of nectar. Unfortunately, pests can be a major problem for these feeders, and homeowners may not consider these problems until they encounter them with their bird feeder.

Appreciate The Problems Pests Can Cause Your Bird Feeder

Homeowners might not actively consider the issues that pests can create for their bird feeders. However, ants, bees and wasps will all be attracted to the sweet nectar that is in these feeders, and you will need to take steps to reduce the problems that they can cause. In particular, the presence of these pests can be enough to drive away the hummingbirds that you were hoping to attract. If your bird feeders are positioned close to your home, these pests may also be able to spread to your house where they can create major problems for you and your family. When homeowners appreciate that these pests can prevent hummingbirds from using their feeders, they will be more likely to take an active approach to maintain the hummingbird feeders.

Keep The Hummingbird Feeder Clean

One of the most basic steps that you can take to prevent pests from creating problems with the bird feeder will be to regularly clean it. This will remove any excess nectar that may be able to get on the bird feeder as this can be a powerful attractant for a variety of pests. In addition to wiping the exterior of the bird feeder clean after filling it, there is also a need to regularly clean it once it has been put in the yard. Some nectar can leak out of it due to the birds feeding on it, and you will want to remove this nectar before it invites pests to the feeder.

Invest In A Pest Resistant Hummingbird Feeder

Unfortunately, pests can be extremely determined, and this will make it an ongoing battle to effectively keep pests from causing problems for the bird feeder. Luckily, there are hummingbird feeders that are specifically designed so as to be difficult for most pests to use. This can be done through a specially designed opening that keeps pests out while allowing the birds to continue feeding. This can be especially effective against bees and wasps as these pests will be able to simply fly to the opening to gain access to the nectar.

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