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Beyond Fridge Magnets: Promotional Items Your Clients Will Actually Use

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Chances are good that you've been handed so many promotional fridge magnets over the years that you can't even put a number on it. How many have you actually used or even taken notice of? Probably very few. If you have your own business and are thinking of offering a promotional item, keep this in mind. Magnets are cheap, but they are rarely used and often ignored. Here are some promotional items your clients and potential clients will actually use and appreciate.

Promotional Rulers

Everyone needs to keep a ruler or two in their drawer, for times when they need to hang a picture straight or simply use a straight-edge. When you use a ruler, you look at it for at least a minute or two, so this gives the user time to take note of the promotional name and messaging on a ruler. Rulers have a lot of surface area for you to print on, too, so you can include more information about your business than you could include on something smaller like a pen or magnet. To make sure the ruler does not get lost in a shuffle, choose promotional rulers made in bright colors, like red or cobalt blue.

Coffee Mugs

If you can afford to pay a little more for your promotional materials, consider ordering customized coffee mugs. Even a plain, white ceramic mug printed with your logo and contact information will get a lot of attention, when added to someone's collection. For even more visibility, choose travel mugs. Then, not only will your client be directly reminded of your services, but others will see your information, when the mug's owner takes it out and about with them.

Trash Bags

It sounds strange, but a roll of trash bags with your name and logo on them will actually come in handy to clients. They will see your information, each time they pull out and change their garbage bag. Choose rolls of 12 or 24 bags, so your clients see your information repeatedly as they use bag after bag. Using small bags is usually better than large, kitchen-size bags, since your recipients may put these in smaller bathroom or office garbage cans that they do not change as often.

Each of the items above will come in handy to almost anyone and they has plenty of space for printing. As such, they make far better promotional items than a fridge magnet.