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Wood Carving: The Custom Wood Production That You Really Want And Why

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Of all the custom wood products you could ever want, hand-carved wood should be the one on the top of your list. This is especially true of home and office furniture. Here is more about this process, and why you definitely want it as part of every piece of wood furniture in your business. 

Hand Carving Is Unique to the Carver 

Hand carving takes years to learn. A carver has to know and master how to use chisels and a hammer and be ever so careful with how cuts in the wood are made. Every design by a carver is his/her own art, too, making hand carving unique to every carver that does it. Every design is first drawn on paper, and then transferred to the wood before the carver even begins, so it is art in a three-dimensional form. 

Carving Is Very Difficult

Every chisel is razor sharp. If the carver slips, he/she could completely splinter or damage the piece on which he/she is working. Worse, a major slip of the chisel can slice flesh. Carved pieces take months to complete, especially if there is an expectation that the carvings need to match on both sides of a piece of furniture (e.g., the burled and carved claw feet on a hardwood desk). It is one of the most sought-after skilled professions in woodworking because it is so difficult and the results are so beautiful. 

Really Intricate Carvings Are Possible

From the tiny crosshatches to represent shadow to the delicate layering effect that produces petals and leaves, some very intricate wood carvings are possible. The best wood carvers can make their carvings pop right up off of the two-dimensional wood surface. This is the kind of custom artistry you are probably looking for. 

Once Carved, the Piece Is Never Duplicated

Most skilled woodcarvers never duplicate the pieces they have done. That is because a client asks for something specific, the carver supplies it, and the carver does not keep any sort of templates that would allow him/her to recreate the same piece. By choosing to have a woodcarver create some unique pieces of carved office furniture for you, you are choosing to purchase items you cannot find or buy anywhere else before now or in the future. What is made for you is yours alone. It is the ultimate expression of a custom wood product, and it cannot get more custom than carving.