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3 To Have A Separate Gun Safe

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When it comes to keeping your valuables secure, you may consider purchasing one safe to hold jewelry, important documents, and firearms. You may find that a better solution is to have a separate safe for your firearms. Having separate safes can provide a host of benefits for your weapons and your valuables. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider having a separate gun safe. 

Easy Access

Having all of your items stored together means that you need a larger safe. If you find yourself in need of a firearm during a home invasion, having to get to the safe and find your weapons can take precious time. A smaller or portable gun safe in the bedroom can provide the easy access you need in the event of an emergency. Consider a small safe permanently installed on the side of your bed for a handgun, and place the safe holding your valuables in a concealed location somewhere else inside your home.

Different Storage Needs

The storage space you need for firearms can differ greatly from the space you need for smaller valuables. For example, you'll want a safe with separate compartments for storing jewelry to keep the items safe from damage. A safe designed for jewelry won't have the proper compartments for storing firearms and ammunition. Additionally, having delicate valuables and firearms stored inside of the same safe can lead to damage to your valuables. Choosing safes dedicated to each type of storage can help keep your items sorted, secure, and free from damage.

Potential Danger

Should an intruder enter your home and demand access to your safe, it can be dangerous to have both valuables and weapons stored in the same space. An intruder could potentially access your firearms and use them to threaten or harm you and your family. Remember that even if you think you can grab the weapons in time after opening the safe, there's no guarantee that a burglar won't simply demand the combination from you and open the safe on his or her own. Any valuables in the safe can be replaced or covered by your homeowner's insurance, but your health and safety can't. If you do decide to keep your firearms in the safe with your valuables, be sure that they are situated in a compartment where they are not plainly in view. You can even purchase a small portable safe to keep inside the larger unit if you do decide to only use one safe for all of your items.

If you aren't sure which types of safes you need to secure your valuables and your firearms, contact a professional locksmith for guidance on gun safes. He or she can help you select the right models and the right place in your home.