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3 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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A local move may not seem like too big of a deal, especially if your last experience with moving was from out of state. It can be easy to overlook how time consuming a move is, as well as the amount of effort it requires, when the mileage between the old place and the new can be measured on two hands. For this reason, it's important not to make any of the following mistakes.

#1: Not giving yourself enough time

Moving takes time, even when the distance is short. One common mistake is to think you can do everything in one day. Even if you are simply moving from a small apartment into another small apartment, you will need time to load everything, move it, unload it, and clean up the old place before you turn in your keys. At the very least, give yourself at least two days for the actual move, and at least a week to pack.

#2: Skipping the supplies

A short move may also tempt you to skimp on supplies, instead opting to toss everything into garbage bags or leave items inside furniture. Although this will work for some items—clothing in drawers, for example—it isn't suitable for everything. Take the time to wrap and pack breakables and fragile items in sturdy boxes. Soft items can be bagged, although you will want to use heavy duty bags to prevent tearing. And no matter what, remove filled drawers from the main dresser unit, or someone may get hurt trying to move the item. Contact moving supplies companies to learn more. 

#3: Doing it all on your own

Sure, it's possible to move with just a six pack, a pizza, and a couple of buddies. Just don't let the short distance fool you. If you are on a tight schedule or if you have a lot of heavy or awkward items, a little bit of professional help is a good idea. The nice thing about a local move is that you have options.

You can simply use your own truck or rent a truck on your own, and then hire a couple of professional loaders to do the heavy lifting. Or, you can opt for a full service company that supplies a truck as well as the movers. The key is to be realistic about your needs. Don't depend on your friends alone if you have way too much stuff for them to successfully help you load.