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4 Tips For Driving Your Moving Truck Rental

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If you are renting a moving truck from a company like Del's Truck Rentals, which many people do as a way to save some money on moving services, you will want to be sure that you are prepared for the drive. After all, driving a moving truck is much different from driving your small, compact car or even your SUV. Here are four tips to help you drive your moving truck rental:

  1. Turn Slowly: Every turn, no matter what type of vehicle you are driving, should be done slowly. However, turning should be done even slower in a rental truck -- and it's not just for safety reasons. Since you most likely have many personal belongings inside of the truck, a slow turn can definitely prevent damages. Moving trucks are also a lot larger and heavier, especially when they are full for the purposes of moving. This means that if you make a turn too quickly, there is a higher chance of the vehicle tipping.
  2. Plan the Route: If you are driving a long distance, it's important to plan your route. This way, you know where you can park your moving truck and where you need to stop to get gas. You definitely want to avoid long stretches on the highway that don't have gas stations for miles since moving trucks use much more fuel. It's best to stop for gas right before you need to go through these long stretches. Also, if you plan on staying in a hotel at any point, you want to find hotels along your route that will allow you to park your moving truck in their lot.
  3. Be Aware of Height: Moving trucks are much taller than your average vehicle. For this reason, it's important to be aware of the height of your truck. There may be an instance where you have to drive underneath something that might be too small, such as the garage parking at your hotel. Before driving underneath, remember that the truck is taller than what you are used to driving. From here, you can use your best judgement in deciding whether or not it is safe.
  4. Adjust the Side Mirrors Perfectly: When you are driving a moving truck, you will not have a rear view mirror, which means you need to use those side mirrors. Before getting on the road, you always need to be sure that these are adjusted so that you can see perfectly to the side and behind you as well. Of course there will still be blind spots, but if you are careful to adjust the mirrors, you are less likely to have issues switching lanes and making turns.

When you consider these four tips, you are much more likely to drive your moving truck rental safely, which ensures that you are going to get the most out of saving money on the cost of a full service move.