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Important Tips For Getting The Best Use Out Of Your Small Storage Unit As A College Student

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Although many college students take a few bags and boxes to their dorms each semester and swap items out periodically on trips home, doing so is not as easy when your home is in one state or part of the country and your college is in another. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider having your mom or dad ship items to you that you cannot take when you move in and then rent a nearby storage unit to hold the stuff that you can't fit into your dorm room. Since bigger storage units cost more, you are likely to find that organizing a smaller space is important for your budget, so the following advice will be quite helpful.    

Wasted Air Is Wasted Space

Since the majority of people would never agree to pay money for the unfiltered air outside, it is important to consider how much space that air can take up if you do not pack efficiently. Since the air around a packed object can contribute to the amount of stuff that can fit in the area, your best option is to eliminate any unused air. 

Therefore, instead of old boxes or plastic totes, you might want to consider storing cloth-based items in plastic bags that have the option for a vacuum attachment. You would hook up a vacuum hose to the bag, removing air and allowing more items to fit in the unit. Plan to repeat doing so until the bag is full and then enjoy being able to store more clothing in a bag than you might think, thus wasting less space and air.

Know The Storage Unit's Exact Size When Packing And Plan Where Things Will Go

A common mistake is choosing a storage unit based solely on its move-in cost or convenience to your school. Instead, it is a better choice to inspect and measure the unit or to get its precise dimensions to then form a storage plan around those numbers.

For instance, if you know that you have nine feet and three inches of height in the unit and it is fourteen feet, seven inches long, you can then plan how to best fit in each box, bag or item without risking overcrowding. In addition, your time is valuable and you probably have no desire to have to remove fourteen boxes and three bags to get to your heavy winter coat or your good suitcase in a few weeks. Therefore, organizing your storage unit ahead of time, complete with a map of where each item is and grouping similar items together, is a great time-saving measure that you will undoubtedly appreciate having created in the future.    

In conclusion, being able to access the items you own and use on a regular basis is an important part of living on your own as a responsible adult. However, doing so as a college student in a small dorm room, far away from home is not always easy. Therefore, the use of an affordable mini storage unit is a good idea when you are in that position and the tips discussed above will help you to make the best use of that rented space. To learn more, contact a company like Airport Road Mini-Storage