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Creating A Unique Branded Experience With Your Customer's Package

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Traditional boxes serve their purpose of getting the product to the customer on time and in one piece, however, these boxes fail to make the company stand out and do little or nothing to drive repeat business. If you intend to ship a large number of products to customers, it makes more sense to design and ship your products with a custom box and to put extra time into giving your customer a unique experience.

Creative Printed Boxes

Rather than simply ship in a standard brown box, try shipping in a custom box that has a unique look, color and design. Brandable boxes stand out when they arrive at the door of the customer. Printed boxes can be designed in such a manner that is meant to cause the box to resemble something creative, such as a trunk. Since the shipping container will be something that the customer did not expect, the customer will be much more likely to remember it.

Try shipping in something other than boxes. For instance, have your package delivered in a fancy bag or a basket. Cartons and sampler boxes are very easy to open and allow you to deliver your products in style. Depending on the package, extra care may need to be taken when delivering the package, but the end result will be worth the extra cost.

Make The Opening Experience Personal

Including personal details, such as a handwritten card, will add an extra touch that tells the customer that you were focusing on him or her. The customer is likely to remember your product partially based on this experience. Also, wrapping the product in tissue paper can create excitement as the customer unwraps the product inside while also protecting the product.

Don't Forget The Shipping Tape

Shipping tape can have branded images placed on them as another way to make your products stand out. The options available for branding vary based on the type of material the tape is made from. Many customers do not even think of tape being anything other than brown or clear.

To choose the perfect packaging, consider what your ultimate goals are. If your goals are to ensure that the product simply arrives undamaged, you may want to simply use a traditional box. However, if your goal is to ensure that the package makes a strong impression that your customer will not forget, you must think outside the box and use one of these creative solutions. For more information and advice, check out websites like http://www.apsbox.com.