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Feng Shui Your Office into a Productive and Relaxing Workplace

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From earning a profit and managing employees to handling marketing and sales, it is easy to see how overwhelming running a business can be. Unfortunately, you may not have a productive, efficient, and relaxing environment in which to run your company, which can limit your success. However, designing your office using the ancient principles of feng shui can improve productivity while decreasing stress. By placing furniture and accessories in certain areas, feng shui allows chi, or the natural life-force energy, to flow through your space in a manner that benefits your physical and emotional well-being. If you are a business owner, consider these feng shui tips to improve your office's chi.

Use Decorative Accessories Wisely

Wall art, knickknacks, rugs, and plants will not only make your office feel less like a workplace and more like home, but these decorative accessories can also improve productivity while creating a calmer environment.

To get started decorating your office using feng shui principles, bring nature into your business. Feng shui translates to wind and water, so incorporate these elements of nature into your workplace. Consider adding a fish aquarium in one area of your office. Include colorful flowers, lush greenery, and an assortment of colorful fish in the aquarium to promote peace and relaxation.

Focusing on the balance, or yin and yang, of your office is also necessary. Yin represents a calming, zen-like feel while yang is more active and busy. Both yin and yang properties should be represented in your office, but balancing out this combination can be challenging.

If your office needs to be more productive, increase the natural lighting in your space. Remove thick window treatments or open blinds and shades to increase the light. Add brighter colors and bold patterns to the space using paint and rugs.

If you want your office to feel a bit more relaxed, remove clutter in the space. Paint the walls white, eggshell, or a light beige color. Use neutral-colored rugs and accessories in the office, as well.

Carefully Arrange Furniture

In most cases, your office will require computers and telephones, which can decrease the appeal and calmness of your space. However, these technological devices are most likely imperative for your business's operation. Thankfully, you can place your furniture and computer in a manner that aligns with feng shui principles. Here are a few tips to use when designing your office:

  • Arrange your desk so you are able to face the office door when you sit at it. Facing the door allows you to see successful business opportunities "walk in" through the door opening. Allowing your desk to be the focal point of your office also ensures you remain front and center and in command of your employees.
  • Avoid placing your computer monitor in a location that will block your view of the door, since this will prevent free thinking and creativity. If your office uses a traditional business telephone system, place the phone on a small table away from your desk. This will prevent the phone from cluttering your desk, office, and mind.
  • After arranging your desk and computer in an organized manner, make sure the rest of your office is clean and tidy. Remove piles of paperwork from your desk or shelves. At least 50 percent of your desktop should be seen throughout the day. Place forms and documents in a file cabinet, which will hide the cluttered stacks of paperwork while also keeping important papers neat and organized. Hide computer and phone cords using molding or cord-organizing wraps, as well.

If you currently need new office furniture, look for pieces that will help you to feel calm and relaxed. 

Running a business requires a great deal of time and energy, but it can be worthwhile. Using these ancient Chinese principles, you can feng shui your office to increase productivity and decrease stress at work.