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6 Body Language Tips For Job Interviews

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Nonverbal communication can be just as important as verbal communication during job interviews. Interviewers pay attention to your body language more than you think. Your nonverbal cues can let the interviewer know if you are excited, bored, nervous or even angry. Here are six body language tips for job interviews:

Give a Firm Handshake

Shaking the employer's hand at the beginning of the interview might seem very simple, but it is actually possible to get it wrong. If your handshake is very weak, the interviewer may think that you are timid and not confident about the interview. A firm handshake communicates that you are sure of yourself and ready for the interview.

Lean In

It is also a good idea to lean in from time to time during the interview. Doing this tells the interviewer that you are engaged in the conversation.

Nod Your Head

Being attentive is very important during a job interview. If you do not seem focused on the conversation, the employer may assume you truly are not interested in the job. If you nod your head occasionally, you will show the interviewer that you are interested and understand what is being said.

Stay Still

It is also important to stay as still as possible. If you shake your legs or tap your fingers a lot, the interviewer may think you're bored or anxious. Keep your legs planted on the ground and remind yourself not to fidget.

Don't Cross Your Arms

Crossing your arms over your chest might just be a habit, but you should avoid doing this during a job interview. Crossed arms communicates defensiveness. Instead, keep your arms at your sides to show the interviewer that you are warm and approachable. 


While you don't have to have a smile on your face the entire time, it's good to appear happy during the interview. If you smile, it shows the interviewer that you are excited to be there. Smiling also can make you seem like a friendly and likable person, which is very important. Many employers are more likely to hire candidates they like.

As you can see, body language is huge during job interviews. If you follow these helpful tips, you are more likely to have a successful interview. Don't forget to check with employment staffing services for more tips. They can provide helpful feedback and suggest ways you can improve your body language.