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The "S" Word: What Are You Going To Do With Snow This Winter?

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There are some people that absolutely love the "S" word in winter. Then there are people that will shriek at you not to say the "S" word because they do not want to think about it and hate shoveling it. The "S" word in question is, in fact, snowNow that you know what the "S" word is, what are you going to do about it this winter? Here are some options that could help.

You Could Create Covered Drives and Walkways

It is a bit of an investment, but you could construct carports where you have open driveways and use similar structures for your walkways. Then you would not have nearly as much snow to shovel. You would only have to concern yourself with the public sidewalks, over which you cannot erect these structures because the sidewalks and terraces belong to the city. The good news is that carport kits made of tarps or corrugated aluminum are not too terribly expensive, and you can always take them down again in the spring and put them back up again in late fall. 

You Could Hire Some Teenagers to Clear the Snow

This is true. You could hire some teenagers in the neighborhood to clear the snow whenever it piles up. There is just one minor problem; not all teenagers are reliable or dependable. Those that are are rare, so you are not likely to find consistent help in this area. However, it may still prove somewhat helpful if you do not feel like clearing the snow yourself. 

You Can Also Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Service

If you start looking now, you can find and hire a snow removal service in advance of the onslaught of winter. If you wait until the first snowflake drifts down, you may not be able to find anyone to do the job, as most of these services have already established a client/customer base and are extremely busy with all of their clients/customers with each new snowfall. The best way to become one of their regulars is to get in the proverbial door now by signing a contract for your service and then they will just come around after every snowfall and clear away the snow. You are billed for each service, or billed quarterly, depending on the frequency of the blizzards and snowfalls this year. 

For more information about snow removal, contact a local snow plowing service.