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2 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Motivational Speaker for Your Next Business Meeting

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Company business meetings are very important events. They provide you with the opportunity to connect with your staff and let everyone know how business is proceeding. If you’re in the midst of planning such a meeting, you have likely covered many bases: the right caterer, the venue, and the icebreakers. However, there may have been one area that you overlooked: hiring a motivational speaker. A speaker might be just what your business meeting needs. Read More»

3 Unexpected Ways You Can Help The Bereaved At A Cremation Service

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Going to a cremation service is never going to be a lot of fun for anybody. It’s a somber event that can include joy when it comes to celebrating a life well lived. The close friends and family members of the deceased are likely to be in immense emotional pain, and you may be at a loss when it comes to your desire to help ease their burden. Try these unexpected ways to help the bereaved with some of the responsibilities that can add to the pressure they feel at an already difficult time. Read More»

3 Tips To Help Prevent Drain Field Failure

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Your drain field is an important part of your septic system, absorbing processed waste for your house into the soil. A failed drain field can thus be a major cause for worry, as it can lead to effluent from your septic system being discharged above ground. This can cause foul smells and a possible health hazard in your home compound. In this article, you will learn different tips and tricks to help avoid drain field failure and hopefully prolong the life of your septic system. Read More»

Creating A Unique Branded Experience With Your Customer's Package

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Traditional boxes serve their purpose of getting the product to the customer on time and in one piece, however, these boxes fail to make the company stand out and do little or nothing to drive repeat business. If you intend to ship a large number of products to customers, it makes more sense to design and ship your products with a custom box and to put extra time into giving your customer a unique experience. Read More»

6 Body Language Tips For Job Interviews

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Nonverbal communication can be just as important as verbal communication during job interviews. Interviewers pay attention to your body language more than you think. Your nonverbal cues can let the interviewer know if you are excited, bored, nervous or even angry. Here are six body language tips for job interviews: Give a Firm Handshake Shaking the employer’s hand at the beginning of the interview might seem very simple, but it is actually possible to get it wrong. Read More»